• 052020-11

    Anhui Hengyuan Technology Co., Ltd. ranks first in sales of epoxy resin for powder coatings in China

    From November 9 to 10, 2020 China powder coating and coating exhibition was held in Nanjing. The sales list of epoxy resin for powder coating in 2019 was announced at the meeting. Anhui Hengyuan science and Technology Co., Ltd. of Hengyuan group ranked first in the sales volume of epoxy resin for powder coating in China!

  • 252020-09

    Anhui Hengyuan Chemical Co., Ltd. is listed in the top 100 private enterprises in Anhui Province in 2020


  • 252020-05

    Huangshan city to establish water-saving industrial enterprises award and establish provincial water-saving industrial enterprises promotion meeting

    On May 20, 2020, the awarding ceremony of establishing water-conserving industrial Enterprise and promoting the establishment of provincial water-conserving industrial Enterprise in Huangshan city was held in the multi-function hall of our company. Wu Huiying,

  • 182019-10

    The Association of Citizen Enterprises carried out public welfare activities for the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China

      In the afternoon of September 23, under the leadership of President Cheng Zhenshuo and honorary President Wang Jinding, a group of 5 people went to Tunxi Sunshine Disabled Persons Activity Center in Huangshan city to carry out the public welfare activities for the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. Anhui Hengyuan New Materials Co., LTD., Changhui Automobile Electrical appliance (Huangshan) Co., LTD., Huangshan Sunshine Industrial Co., LTD., Huangshan Tianbao Group, Huangshan Tunxi Engineering Plastic Factory and Huangshan Private Entrepreneurs Association sent fruit, cakes and consolation money to them.

  • 182019-10

    2019 China International Petrochemical Conference

      The sky is high, the sky is light, the red laurel is fragrant, September 18th to September 20th China international petroleum and Chemical Industry Conference (2019CHlNA) was held in The Shangri-La hotel by the West Lake. Government and industry leaders and well-known business leaders interpret the theme of high-quality development from different perspectives; Minister Long Yongtu hosted a high-end interview in which ceos of state-owned enterprises, private enterprises and foreign companies exchanged sharp words and talked openly about "reconstructing the global value chain" and innovative development in their eyes. Anhui Hengyuan Group Shared the theme of "Joint Innovation, Development of special epoxy resin industry".

  • 032019-08

    Anhui Heng(Xinyuan) Company Safety Knowledge Competition

      On June 14th and 22nd, the company held the written test and the final part of the first Safety Knowledge Competition of Anhui Heng(Xin) Yuan Company respectively. The competition has various forms, realistic contents, warm atmosphere, high employee participation and a complete success.

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