• 222019-08

    The third chuckle contest of Hengyuan Group

    In order to enrich the leisure life of the company's employees, motivate them to participate in collective activities, and enhance mutual learning, communication and internal unity among employees, the company held the third hangyuan group

  • 032018-05

    Huizhou District held to celebrate the "51" workers art performance chorus activities

    The worker is great and the labor is glorious. On April 26, huizhou District held the art performance chorus activity, the broad masses of cadres and workers with full enthusiasm, passionate singing, welcomed the "reform and opening up

  • 062017-11

    2017 Employee tug-of-war competition in Anhui Heng(Xinyuan) Co., LTD

      In order to enrich the spiritual and cultural life of employees, promote the communication between employees, carry forward the team spirit, and improve the morale of employees, the company held a tug-of-war competition for employees in the morning of October 19. In the competition, the partners of each group worked hard and showed their strength and style. After one round of hard work, xinyuan production team won the first place, Hengyuan production team won the second place, and the team representing the Operation support Department and engineering company won the third place.

  • 262017-09

    The company held the first employee chucking contest

      In order to enrich employees' spare time life, enhance communication and promote mutual understanding, the company will organize staff activities with different themes every month since June. On June 17th, the first employee chucking contest was held in the multi-function hall on the fifth floor. The contest was actively attended by 32 employees. After a day of fierce competition, the champion of the third runner-up. The company gives 300 yuan, 200 yuan, 100 yuan reward, the contestant that does not win a prize and staff get encourage award.

  • 262017-09

    The second session of non-public enterprises "rural commercial bank. Occupational Health Cup May Day Tug-of-war competition

    Congratulations to hengyuan Group women tug-of-war team in the second session of non-public enterprises "Rural commercial Bank. In the "Occupational Health cup" and "May Day" tug-of-war competition, Hengyuan team members' spirit of teamwork

  • 262017-09

    2016 Outstanding staff and family members nanjing 2 day Tour


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